The Matrix™ Stuntings© has closed

A new, more improved server is currently under construction

New server features:

New server name, domain, website and forums
Website portal and user control panel
Complete MySQL saving
Balanced server economy
Realistic in-game prices
Server lobby
Server messages and dialogs changed to Textdraws and Click Textdraws
New stunt maps
New DM areas
Improved racing system with custom time/weather racing
New motocross and parkour maps with prizes
Raffle and lottery system
Improved housing system with vehicle saving
Improved business system
Checkpoint hunt world race system
Money bag system
New Sumo/Derby with new maps and prizes
Complete custom tuning menu
New vehicle purchasing system
New weapon system, including saved weapons and weapon upgrading
Ability to purchase player attachments
Complete donation system where you can purchase in-game money and items
Achievements and unlockables
Purchasable VIP, Moderator and Admin ranks

These are only a few of the new server features, there will be many more.

Prepare yourself for one of the most advanced SA-MP servers you will ever see.
The new server will have a 99.9% uptime and will always be listed on the hosted tab.